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8 hours and 58 minutes

We spend more time in front of the screens than sleeping!

An adult spends an average of 8 hours and 58 minutes on a screen per day, in a trend that keeps growing.

Vyséo support you for the health of your eyes

Know your eyes well, to take better care of them. Tips, tricks… we tell you everything!

So, what is dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye is a disease of the tears and the surface of the eye that causes symptoms of discomfort, visual disturbance, and tear film instability with potential damage to the ocular surface.

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Par ces temps de fortes chaleurs la climatisation est devenue à tous notre meilleure amie ! Bien qu’elle soit d’un avantage certain pour maintenir notre corps à une certaine température par...

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Dont forget your sunnies!

Protecting your skin from UV rays and thus skin cancer has become a reflex for almost all of us. But did you know that you are exposing yourself to eye pathologies such as cataracts or AMD if you don't protect your eyes from UV  ?

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