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Vyséo eye essentials

Cleansing Gel

for eyes

Daily hygiene is also washing your eyes. After toothpaste and shampoo, it is time to take care of this part of the body!

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Developed according to the recommendations of ophthalmologists. Thought to take care of your eyes daily.


Screens are part of my daily life, which makes my eyes tired, so I use Visionlux Plus drops that allow me to play longer without feeling any eye discomfort.


19 years – Gamer


I spend my days in front of a screen analyzing hundreds of lines of numbers. My eyes don’t burn anymore since I use Visionlux Plus… I wish I’d found out sooner!


27 years - Accounting


The Gel Cleanser is very pleasant to use, it leaves my eyelids fresh and hydrated. My eyelashes are clean and to spoil nothing the smell is divine!


46 years - Surgeon


Since I applied Eyelash Boost, my lashes have strengthened and my eyebrows are much denser. It doesn’t stick, and applies easily. For me it’s perfect!


31 years old - Stewardess

Fatigue and dry eye

Do you have dry eyes?

Tingling, itching, fatigue

Your eyes speak to you in their own way to tell you how they feel: learn to listen to them and take care of them. Just take a minute and do the test by answering a few simple questions to find out if you have dry eye and how severe it can be.

Vyséo support you for the health of your eyes

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